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Cryovac® Quickrip

Cryovac® Quickrip

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Open up Your Business introducing Cryovac® QuickripTM 


  • Improvedperformancein comparison with B620 & BH620 bags
  • Optionforaneasy-opentab
  • Improvedabuseresistance
  • Enhancedshrink and optics
  • In-lineonecolorprint


  • Improvesworkersafetyby eliminating the need for knives
  • Preventsdamagingexpensivecuts of meat
  • Diminishescross contamination issues
  • Improvesefficiencybyspeeding up bag removal process
  • Reducesclean-uptime

Introducing Cryovac® QuickRipTM, the next generation bag for boneless fresh red meat applications. This innovative, high performance packaging was designed specifically to improve efficiencies and safety in the retail backroom and foodservice back-of house.